Vendor On-Boarding

Business Critical Global Vendor On-boarding with Built-in Compliance

Seamless On-boarding: Key Ingredient to managing your supply base.

Modern Mobile Technology with LIVE Analytics

Integrated with any ERP, Accounting, Project Systems or HR/Payroll Systems 

Powered by ai + ML


Here are some perks of choosing digital onboarding rather than its manual counterpart:


Digital onboarding solutions enable you to offer a hassle-free experience to your vendors at their convenience, regardless of the platform.


Cut onboarding time by 90% with the power of automation while collecting information via innate forms.


Get through 95% of manual processing errors and process inefficiencies.


Digital onboarding paves the way for up to 85% reduction in the onboarding cost.


Highly secured document management designed to support all the business modules.

Why Digital Onboarding?

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  • Always have the right data, the first time. Leverage our GLOBAL integrated validations to ensure data submitted and entered is accurate from the start. This significantly saves time from manual corrections to ensure everyone takes the right first step together. 

  • Enable Vendor Self Service portal and ensure only authorized vendor representatives are able to access and make any account changes.  Leveraging industry leading multi-factor authentications to enable fraud prevention.  Coupled with instant notifications and live reporting of account activity provides greater visibility to any unauthorized change requests boosting audit compliance.  Protect your payments and ensure fund submissions are to accurate accounts the first time.  

  • Leverage our BIG Data AI powered Analytics Engine to process large data sets in order to provide actionable insights into your organization. From trend analysis, to identifying anomalies, Phoenix can handle all of your data processing needs, regardless of data volume or complex data structures. 

  • Automate your entire end-to-end on-boarding collection processes, from submission, local approval, compliance, legal to background check and drug testing. We integrate with all from - project systems, global payroll, to AP, possibilities are end-less. Leverage our integrations with over 1200+ applications.  Whichever systems you are using, which ever file format, you will have no limitations on leveraging our proprietary technology to automate it all. 

  • We understand, it's not a One-Solution-Fits-All world. All business process are different, thus we ensure our solutions meet your most complex rules and regulations.  With automated notifications, you will always be in the know!  Plus we always ensure all of our deliverables are always performing to the highest standards.

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