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By specializing in Global Enterprise Delivery, Phoenix along with BGI has been able to provide organizations globally with value-added sustained solutions.  We offer a full suite of ERP expertise from Functional Architects to Technical Developers.  In addition, our team can assist your organization with the ever-changing requirements of compliance and data security.


Through passion and dedication to their craft, our consultants have worked to facilitate real and positive change for organizations across the globe.  Our core philosophy of not just delivering real talent, but an outstanding customer service experience is paramount.  We have aligned our entire company around this philosophy, enabling us to maintain outstanding relationships with our clients and partners.

We pair you with a team of expert thought leaders and risk management consultants to get you exactly where you want to go.


We provide short-term assistance and long-term support enabling organizations to target key areas and implement effective process solutions. As a company, we take pride in offering an extremely high level of customer service with a focus on collaboration to effectively become one with your team.  This level of service is predicated on the idea of building networks and maintaining relationships, which allows us to bridge any gap while turning challenges into seamless solutions.

We make no assumptions but work hard to develop strong relationships with our clients and tailor our solutions to ensure each commission delivers what is needed, not necessarily what is easiest.



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